Join TNI King Coffee to discover the most attractive event on the planet EXPO 2020 Dubai

Join TNI King Coffee to discover the most attractive event on the planet EXPO 2020 Dubai

(Country)- Not only a very special experience like Disney land, but also opportunities to understand the culture and development of countries around the world and business cooperation opportunities.

The most lavish edition of the world exhibition ever

The night of October 1, 2021, with performances by British singer Ellie Goulding, Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, Chinese pianist Lang Lang and Saudi singer Mohammed Abdu, night Opening with a beautiful light show and fireworks.


The grand opening ceremony of EXPO 2020 Dubai took place at Al Wasl . square


The opening ceremony took place at Al Wasl Square with the presence of more than 1,000 artists, creating a spectacular “party” of music and performance art. Visitors who were present at the opening ceremony and those who witnessed the live broadcast on television and the Internet said that it is clear that Dubai wants to do things bigger, bolder, faster and higher than in the past. previous Expos.

The space of Expo 2020 is huge. Spanning 4.38 square kilometers with 192 participating countries, more than 200 stalls and 200 dining venues serving over 50 cuisines. Furthermore, all Expo 2020 venues are alive with sounds, rhythms and flavors from around the world. With up to 60 live events per day, for 182 consecutive days, no two days will be the same at Expo 2020 and practically impossible for visitors to explore in one day.


60 live events per day, for 182 consecutive days

 According to data released by Expo 2020 Dubai, the total cost of this event of the UAE can be up to 9 billion USD. Indeed, this is the most luxurious exhibition version in the world to date.

A trip around the planet at this year’s Expo

This year, each of the 191 participating countries will have their own pavilion, enabling visitors to experience art, culture, heritage and more. From the world’s youngest country, South Sudan, to China’s most populous nation, Expo 2020 will offer a unique, innovative global tour.

 You’ll experience a wide range of multicultural holidays, including India’s largest traditional Diwali festival and Christmas, through a display of architecture, light and design, at the outdoor night light festival. Unique sky of Expo ‘Kaleidoscope’.

Join TNI King Coffee to discover the most attractive event on the planet EXPO 2020 Dubai 2

Outdoor night light festival

Stage of world artists

Expo is a stage for artists from all over the world. Performances include performances by Senegal’s National Ballet Theater and the Firdaus Orchestra, an all-female orchestra led by Oscar-winning Indian composer AR Rahman.


Outdoor night light festival

 The regularly held outdoor art exhibition, which brings together never-before-seen artworks by 11 artists from around the world, will also be on display to spark your creativity. Don’t forget to head to the Jubilee Stage to immerse yourself in Expo Beats, a unique monthly festival that will take visitors on a journey around the world through music, dance and culture. There is also the Late Nights Expo @ which brings together artists and audiences around the world every Thursday and Friday.


Top trade networking opportunities at Expo 2020 Dubai


Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao, CEO of TNI King Coffee, once shared: ‘”25 years of traveling the world, I know this is a great opportunity for businesses in all industries to learn and grow their stature. thrive, because we will reach more than 190 countries at the same time in one place, with many exciting events that bring market expansion opportunities, investment cooperation and great experience values.”


CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao in front of the Vietnam Exhibition House at EXPO 


CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao at the display area of ​​TNI King Coffee

A series of trade connection activities were held at Expo such as Join discussion on investment in developing countries; Immerse yourself at the EU Business Forum; Convergence with fintech experts at BlockExpo; Discover emerging technologies, Investment opportunities in Switzerland will be held around the beginning of November or Discover initiatives from the heart of Russia will bring together important leaders and influencers Russian media influence. … See Expo activities at

In particular, two particularly important events at the Vietnam Exhibition House are Vietnam National Day on December 30, 2021 and Vietnam Coffee Week on January 1. 2022 is expected to have many cultural activities and trade connections with leading partners in Dubai. See more activities at Vietnam Expo at Expo 2020 Dubai at:


Discover the latest technologies of mankind

When it comes to the World Expo EXPO, people usually think of business and trade activities. EXPO 2020 Dubai is more than that. Here one can do everything from experiencing culture, discovering food, traveling or resting. There are even activities that are not available in other parts of the world. Here are the most unique activities available at EXPO 2020 Dubai:

Interact with Robots from a group of leading robotics experts: The Terminus Corporation is deploying more than 150 robots that perform a variety of tasks such as greeting friends, assisting and performing in special displays, as well as providing assistance. food and beverage delivery services and hotel services.

Explore the world’s first airship: You can take a unique tour aboard the world’s first Pneumatic Train.

Learn all about the history of the World Expo: Visit the World Expo Museum to learn about the history and incredible impact that the World Expos have had over the years, which introduced the world to some of the world’s greatest ideas. The most exciting and cutting-edge ideas and creations.


Get the Expo 2020 Passport: The Expo 2020 Dubai Special Passport is essentially a special memento in the form of a passport that visitors can use to document their journey through the pavilions of over 191 countries , organizations, participating partners, along with some special booths. The special passports will be customized to include a unique set of the holder’s number, photo and personal details, as well as hiding the watermarked image on each page to ensure that there is never a passport. have two identical passports. Become an astronaut: If you love being an astronaut, pose for a space age version in astronaut Emirati Hazza Al Mansouri’s space suit at the Terra Auditorium. With your face projected onto his helmet visor, you’ll look like the real thing.


TNI King Coffee Company is proud to be the only enterprise representing Vietnam’s coffee industry to participate in EXPO 2020 Dubai ( . Authorized by the Department of International Cooperation, TNI King Coffee will connect and organize for Vietnamese businesses to attend EXPO 2020 Dubai.

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