CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao is about to open the first Flagship store of TNI King Coffee in the Middle East


Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao said that she had just had a business trip to Dubai to attend the International Exhibition EXPO 2020. This trip has opened up international development opportunities for Vietnamese coffee and agricultural products through Dubai Gateway. Besides, She is also preparing for the opening of an office and launching the first flagship store of TNI King Coffee in the Middle East. TNI King Coffee by Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao is honored to represent Vietnam’s coffee and agricultural products industry at the International Exhibition EXPO DUBAI 2020 (10.2021 – 3.2022).

“TNI King Coffee implements international business development activities with partners from more than 120 countries and continues the strategy of international market expansion through this channel (Dubai Gateway)” – Ms. Diep Thao shared. “Through distribution and franchise, TNI King Coffee is moving very quickly to the world, introducing global users to delicious Vietnamese coffee.”

At EXPO DUBAI 2020, TNI King Coffee is also the authorized unit to connect businesses that want to link to go to Dubai Gateway.

CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao is about to open the first Flagship store of TNI King Coffee in the Middle East

Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao at EXPO DUBAI 2020.

“Dubai is known as the ‘Gateway’ to the world very well. Businesses from 198 countries are exempt from tax and all investment procedures. It is very easy and convenient to operate here” – Ms. Diep Thao shared about the advantages of TNI King Coffee when deciding to open an office in Dubai. Besides, she also said that Vietnamese coffee and culture will soon be present in the world’s most expensive shopping center through the flagship coffee shop branded TNI King Coffee.

In parallel with the above efforts, Ms. Diep Thao also submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development a written authorization for TNI King Coffee to set a world record for Vietnamese Robusta coffee. Ms. Diep Thao affirmed: “Vietnam’s Robusta coffee has the necessary and sufficient conditions to do that. “If the recognition of this record is announced right at the International Exhibition EXPO 2020, 192 countries will know the reputation of Vietnamese coffee and better support Vietnam.”

Join TNI King Coffee to discover the most attractive event on the planet EXPO 2020 Dubai - 5

Ms. Diep Thao and TNI King Coffee booth at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

Ms. Diep Thao said that the Government of Dubai has invested up to 9 billion USD for the International Exhibition EXPO 2020 on a total area of 48 hectares – many times larger than Disney Land, built and organized bustling daily activities and interesting. Every 5 years, the World Exhibition for the Protection of the Fatherland presents the image of culture, science, tourism, and progressive activities, this time being held in Dubai. Therefore, EXO 2020 Dubai not only helps visitors to visit and experience the whole world in one place, but also opens up the opportunity to access 192 markets every day in Dubai.

“This is a worthy event to attend no matter what the goal!”, said Ms. Diep Thao.

Ms. Diep Thao shared, a lot of tourists visited the Vietnam Exhibition House at EXPO 2020 Dubai to learn about Vietnam and were warmly welcomed by the staff, true to the Vietnamese hospitality culture. “Visitors to the Vietnam Exhibition House are very crowded. They are interested in the image of Vietnam’s landscape, and extremely love the food and drink, especially the coffee of Vietnam,” – Ms. Diep Thao said.


“December will have a lot of events in Dubai, so businesses should actively come here to access the opportunity to reach out to the world” – Ms. Diep Thao shared.

TNI King Coffee will cooperate with the Department of International Cooperation (under the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism) to organize Vietnam Day (30/12/2021) and Vietnam Coffee Week (1/1 2022).

“Joining the biggest playgrounds on the planet to do my job is the world is how I’ve carried my flagship brands for the past 25 years. Let’s go, to open more new doors for business and for our country! “, Mrs. Diep Thao added.



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