Dubai Expo 2021 complete guide to Dubai Expo

Dubai Expo 2021 complete guide to Dubai Expo 0

Dubai, the city that has transformed itself into a global destination, with massive infrastructure and development in less than half a century. And the talk of this century is Dubai Expo. After the postponement of expo 2020 dubai due to covid-19 pandemic this year we will experience Dubai Expo 2021.

Dubai Expo 2021 complete guide to Dubai Expo 1


Throughout the years, World Expos have been global events dedicated to sharing top-notch innovation, showcasing ground-breaking inventions, and discovering resolutions to fundamental challenges by facing humanity. They are organized every 5 years and last for 6 months.

‘Expo’ is an abbreviation for Exposition which stands for a large-scale public exhibition.


  • World expo 2021 is going to be the first expo being held in the MEASA region comprising of the Middle East and Africa.
  • This region is going to experience the largest event ever with people from over 190 countries.
  • Expo 2021 is being held in Dubai, UAE. It is notably going the world’s greatest show hosted by Dubai.
  • This international event where we celebrate human brilliance and connect people from all across the globe.
  • We all come together to experience world-class science and technology, art and culture, innovation, and invention.


Expo 2021 has taken up the aim to help shape the world post-pandemic. With the current Covid-19 situation in hand, a majority of the Bureau International Expositions (BIE) member states voted to postpone the World Expo by one year. They have decided on the new dates keeping in mind that the participants will safely be able to navigate from all across the world and till that timeframe, they possibly hope for this entire pandemic situation to get completely recovered.

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