The aspiration of Vietnamese Robusta coffee picture

The aspiration of Vietnamese Robusta coffee picture 0

“The aspiration of Vietnamese Robusta coffee” – The first artistic painting produced using Robusta coffee beans in Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak) and pure Vietnamese botanical materials (such as coffee powder, burlap, bamboo – neohouzeaua, coffee ink, and so on) with the topic of Central Highlands culture

The aspiration of Vietnamese Robusta coffee picture 1 Description of painting features (unique):
Form : Art painting size 2 x 3,5m

With a streamlined shape with ancient features bearing the characteristics of the Central Highlands, the conventional image features a sculptural language that has existed for many generations. Done converted in Art Nouvea style (this is a new art form, refreshing from the traditional successor)

The entire work is a combination of typical colors of the Central Highlands and coffee, a delicate combination of colors, materials, painting, architecture…

The whole idea, layout, and scenery are expressed in visual language, art installation is made from more than 25,000 Robusta coffee beans in Buon Ma Thuot Dak Lak (selected from very impressive sizes and colors). and pure and natural materials of Vietnam: coffee powder (01 kg) burlap (10m) canvas (04m), art paper (07m2), paintings, bamboo (2m), coffee ink colors (1 tube), …

30 days of composing time in extremely difficult conditions during the period of social distancing due to covid, from gathering the team, selecting and gathering materials, but it is even more motivating to add value to the artist. picture.

Implementation: members of the creative design team of TNI King Coffee company
Artist: Do Huu Tu
Architect: Nguyen Dac Tri
Ideator, connection, narrator: Pham Thi Thu Hoan
Along with 07 other artist collaborators

The creative team are people who love and are passionate about coffee, the land and people of the Central Highlands, have accompanied CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao for more than 20 years, led, winged ideas and dreams, created opportunity and inspire the group to make this picture. We do it with passion, respect, love, gratitude to the homeland, the land and people of the Central Highlands and especially King Coffee CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao. We want to bring the quintessence, cultural identity, wisdom, history of the land and people of Vietnam to international friends.

Please share the meaning, story and message of the picture,

Millions of years ago, volcanic eruptions created the legendary red basalt tropics suitable for Robusta coffee, and today the quality of Vietnamese Robusta coffee is certified as the best in the world.

On that land, with more than 44 ethnic groups living for a long time, their history, culture, customs, rituals, and spirituality have created precious cultural heritages of the nation. The main picture is the reproduction of the unique cultural space of the Central Highlands:
That is the image of the Central Highlands Gong festival recognized by UNECO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the country, with the face of the gong and drum being coffee beans, like a wish to be resounded and resounded forever.

Image of Rong Tay Nguyen house – this is the house of the most powerful, prestigious, and wealthy person in the village with dedication and community values, with the roof top being the image of coffee beans as desired. Reaching new heights of Vietnamese coffee’s position in the international arena

The image of matriarchy is the source, foundation, center, and harmony of yin and yang in the whole universe. In the context of the painting appearing in DuBai, a woman’s aspiration surpasses conventional rules, which is the aspiration for the role of a woman in domestic and foreign affairs, creating the future in the new era..
The image of going upstream with the great desire of Dam San to find and conquer the sun goddess to bring light to the village,

Images of brocade patterns and architecture can wine bottles, baskets on the fields of the people, festival trees, looming in the sunlight, far and near the green coffee gardens and flowers, are planted under long houses, coffee is the foundation, the reason of life, the work, the dream of the crop… it is the coffee tree that has brought economic values associated with the lives of the people in this land…

All, all blend and turn on the aspirational message about the Power of the value of Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans. That is also the image of the vision, thought, spirit, burning and unique aspirations of the founder CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao for King Coffee brand – Vietnamese coffee conquers the world

Please borrow the idea of Writer Nguyen Ngoc writing about Jacque Dournes to close our sharing.
Jacque Dournes is a French priest, one of the best, most dedicated and passionate Central Highlands scholars who, after 25 years of passionately living in the Central Highlands, sticking like a second homeland, won the whole life. his life for the Central Highlands, he wrote that

If you must understand in order to love, you must love in order to understand (Jacque Dournes .)

Perhaps this is also an invitation to visitors to the Red Basalt land, the land of the Black and Gold Capital of the Central Highlands with the legendary and attracti

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