Vietnam coffee culture

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Since the 19th century, coffee trees have followed the footsteps of the French and introduced them to Vietnam during the colonial period. Initially, this drink was only available to the nobility, French officials, or the urban intelligentsia. Gradually, coffee became a popular drink in people’s lives.

COFFEE is a unique, quintessential, refined and different culture of Vietnam. Discover the philosophy of Slow living of filter coffee is a philosophy that helps to focus on the core things, identify the things that are really important and meaningful to you, have a smart working method, have spiritual values. improve quality of life and longevity. As a good habit, maintain inner balance with the fast-paced, multi-connected world.

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According to the flow of time, despite how many generations of people, how many years, from the culture of racket coffee to Vietnamese filter coffee, there have been changes in taste and taste, but the soul and soul enjoy. Coffee filter in Vietnamese people remains intact.

Vietnamese people drink coffee in the morning, noon, and evening, when they are sad, when they are composing, when they are thinking, when they are stressed, when they are happy, when they need to share, when working, dating, chatting with friends and partners. doing business, and also to reflect on life and people…

Sitting by a cup of coffee, taking small sips, listening to music, just a newspaper, a loaf of hot bread is a very clear culture of Vietnamese people, especially Saigon people with fast urban life. than other provinces. Enough energy to work.

Vietnamese coffee is mostly made in the French style, ie using a filter. People pour boiling water, then sit and wait for the coffee to expand, soak up the water and then filter every drop, very special. Excited and anxious to wait for each drop of Coffee to fall, a special hobby of people who are “addicted” to Coffee. Wanting to keep Coffee attractive, people often soak their cup in a cup (bowl) of hot water.

The taste of Vietnamese coffee is usually: strong, bitter, almond-scented, earthy. Depending on the region and age, the taste of coffee is different and not according to any standard. For example, in the 1950s, Southerners often wrapped coffee in a cloth and cooked it in a pot, called latte, they preferred to drink iced coffee rather than hot drink. People in the North and Central region mainly drink coffee with filter, black or brown, but they are very concentrated. Some people like a thick, sweet and thick iced brown cup, some people just fall in love with the drops of coffee slowly falling from the old filter, some people like to drink coffee as if drinking a “sobering up” medicine.

Phin Coffee is an image attached throughout the history of Vietnamese coffee culture. And more than that, filter coffee has brought the brand name, a unique feature, the own identity of the Vietnamese people. International visitors to Vietnam choose gifts that are usually coffee and filter because of its deliciousness, a unique cultural package on how to enjoy coffee.

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To make a cup of Vietnamese coffee, you need a good filter with all the elements:

  • The standard volume of the filter is about 170ml.
  • The number of holes on the filter, filter disc must be equal and evenly distributed.
  • The size of the filter hole must be compatible with the particle size of the ground coffee beans, to be able to give about 55-60 drops of coffee / 1 minute.
  • The full lid must be tight so as not to lose heat.
  • The hole in the comb (cap) must also be evenly distributed and denser than the hole in the body and filter disc for better water penetration into the coffee.

Currently on the market, there are many types of filters made from many different materials such as coffee filter paper, coffee aluminum filter, coffee ceramic filter, stainless steel filter…. Each type has its own characteristics. private. But aluminum filter coffee is considered a good type of coffee because of the heat transfer of boiling water, thin and small holes filter fine coffee powder, just enough for a delicious cup of coffee.

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