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Be A Part Of Our Rapid
Global Growth

At TNI King Coffee, we believe in a shared collective economy where we empower everyday people and even businesses to get out of their comfort zone and embark on a rewarding income ecosystem.

Get involved in the coffee distribution business without forking out high capital or keeping deadweight inventories.

Grow with us by getting recurring profits from the network you referred & grow even further by obtaining more new networks.

We are recruiting Distributors, Network Agents & Network Partners to do business together and grow with one of the biggest coffee suppliers from Vietnam; Trung Nguyen International

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Top selling Product

global distribution2Asset 63 in 1 instant coffee

global distribution2Asset 7Espresso instant coffee

global distribution2Asset 8Cappuccino instant coffee

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Download full product brochure - CLICK HERE

As our Distributor , you enjoy direct-from-factory FOB prices plus additional discounts and marketing investment from TNI HQ to ensure success in your distribution business. Being a King Coffee Distribution Partner means you’ll get access to tap on to the $450 Billion coffee market world-wide.

At Trung Nguyen International, through this program, we produce & supply directly to wholesale customer through you , our Distribution Partner. No other channel or extra parties involve thus you can be assured of price, quality and speed to market guaranteed !

+ Get access to tap on the $450 Billion coffee market world-wide
+ Be a part of our rapid global growth
+ No other channel or extra parties involve thus you can be assured of price, quality and speed to market guaranteed!
+ Get high quality coffee products
+ Huge range of SKU offering.
+ FOB Prices direct from our own factories in Vietnam.
+ Additional discount & business policy to support go-to-market strategy.
+ Marketing support & investment from HQ to distributor.
+ E-commerce set-up support from HQ
+ Design, POSM & Display development support from HQ
+ Advertising & Promotion support & co-investment from HQ

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Process of joining
Distribution Program

Stage 1 – Fill up application: We want to get to know you. Fill up the online application form and click submit. Information will be sent to our processing team

Stage 2 – Evaluation: Based on your application, our team will evaluate and selection process. We will contact you within 1 week to proceed to next stage

Stage 3 – Offer scheme: Prior to offer, we will require you to sign an NDA. Thereafter we will discuss with you the offer scheme with more details

Stage 4 – Agreement: Once we arrive at mutual agreement, we will proceed with the LOA, Agreement signing to formalize your enrolment as our Global Network partner.

Stage 5 – Training & Support: We will provide you with comprehensive training including materials, products and other collaterals. Our world-wide team will support you 24/7

Stage 6 – Ready to grow: You are now all set to grow your King Coffee Network business and start profiting immediately. Futher opportunities to grow and expand with us.